Monday, September 2, 2013

What is Positive Psychology?

The Science of Happiness/Well-being is closely aligned with the field of Positive Psychology which focuses on what works in our lives with the understanding that our brain is wired for negativity.

By learning how to choose happiness, we experience improved relationships and health, ease in our work and an appreciation for community and collaboration.

Would you like to teach Happiness online or locally? 

The Happiness Journey is a 4-week live online video course based on a rich curriculum that includes a 300-page book and 6 hours of lively group discussion and multi-media experience.

Teacher training is also available so that you may integrate these concepts into your current work or offer workshops to the public. 

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Christine Magnussen, BA, CFPC, CTHP
Certified Science of Happiness Trainer
Facilitator of "The Happiness Journey" course

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Preview the Happy documentary below! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

What is "The Science of Happiness?"

This award-winning film "Happy" inspired me to find a curriculum where I could receive training to teach the concepts in the movie!  Meet people around the world who find contentment in the face of challenge:

Research proves Joy comes from experiences, not buying 'Stuff."
See how at: Happy Money

The Science of Happiness on the July cover of TIME magazine! 

Current Cover

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What is the Science of Happiness?

All classes are based on these concepts and more!